The Point at Polzeath

Winter League 2023 - 2024  

Congratulations to Pointer Brothers for winning this year's Winter League, well deserved and with top place on finals day bringing in a massive 12 points! Lord of the Pings took 2nd Place with Peking Blinders finishing 3rd. All other league wide prizes stated below :

Thursday Winners (Going into Finals) - Pointer Brothers

Sunday Winners (Going into Finals) - Lord of the Pings

Most 2's across the league - Andrew Jones (3)

Birdie Tree (Most points for Birdies/Eagles) - James Slatter

Winter League Eclectic Winner - James Goodchild

Winter League Eclectic Highest Visitor - Andrew Langham

Highest scoring Thursday player (Overall SF Points) - Peter Bradbury (244pts)

Highest scoring Sunday player (Overall SF Points) - James Goodchild (253pts)

3rd Place Overall - Peking Blinders

2nd Place Overall - Lord of the Pings

1st Place - Pointer Brothers

This Year's Teams

No Rough Too Tough - Max Roberts, Mark Rowe, David Bickford, Dave Masters, Richard Blake

Quantum - Tony Hogan, David Blackburn, Roy Jobson, Mike Player, Michael Williams

Pointer Brothers - Colin Hume, Stewart Privett, Kevan Bettison, David Osgood, Charles Miller

The Inconsistents - Stuart Taylor, David Hussey, Peter Clare, Robbie Black, Tony Keat

Peking Blinders - Brian Saunders, Jim Stent, Peter Bradbury, Nick Woolfenden, Martin Sims

The Crocked Ennars - Tony Brown, Stephen M King, Robert Marland, Trevor Little, Timothy Lock

King Arthur's Legs - Chris Woolley, Richard Jones, Andrew Langham, Gerald South, Tony Banfield

Lord of the Pings - James Richards, Mark Menhinick, Chris Caddy, James Goodchild, Archie Carnegie

Weapons of Grass Destruction - Josh Taylor, Jamie Taylor, Tom Trethewey, Steven King, Alex Ahearn

Tee-Wrecks - Jamie Keen, Simon Welch, Michael Welch. Maurice Berry-Hicks, James Slatter

Whackers White - Alan Meneer, Shane Dingle, Alasdair Millar, Andrew Burgess, Lesley Wyatt

Whackers Blue - Andrew Jones, Steve Bunt, Tim Barnes, Wayne Thompson, Lex Neale

Whackers Red - Scott Chandler, Alex Richards, Petra Paynter, Phil Jago, Nolan Oatley


The league is open to everyone. Golfers will play individual Stableford. This can be played as part of a 5 person team (2 out of 5 counting on any given fixture) if you wish to enter in a team, or as a stand alone golfer to have competitive golf that will still go towards the eclectic league wide prizes. Fixtures are played from November until March on selected Thursdays and Sundays. The Point will record and manage the League and publish the results on Intelligent Golf (IG) – see Fixture dates below.

The League is intended to be played in the true spirit of the game of golf and open to interested players of all ability. (NB: There is a requirement to hold a WHS Handicap, which the club can facilitate if a player has yet to obtain).

Terms of Competition

  • Individual Stableford
  • Yellow (Men) /Red (Ladies Tees (with mixed tee balancing if appropriate)
  • 95% Handicap Allowance
  • Qualifier for Handicap Purposes, unless factors deem inappropriate
  • Buggy use is acceptable during any of the fixtures
  • Management decision on any matters arising from qualifications through to finals, is final.

 Entry Fees

  • £5 Entry fee per fixture. (To be used for daily prizes (as below) and to contribute toward the finals prizes)
  • £13 Visitor fee per fixture
  • All entrants shall pay a registration fee of £5.00 before or on their first league fixture. This should be paid in advance by the team captain if part of a team or on the first fixture played if an individual non team golfer

Fixtures & Entry

All fixtures including the Final will be played at The Point. Fixtures will be played every 2 weeks throughout the season on alternate Thursdays and Sundays starting at 08:50am. 

You must register yourself for the fixture 2 days prior (for Thursday – midday on Tuesday/ Sunday – midday on Friday), via IG if a member or with the Golf Office if a non member. The draw will be published no later than the day before the fixture. Tee times will be issued at 10 minute intervals between 8:50 – 10:20 (Thursdays) and 8:50 – 10:50 (Sunday), when registering you will be asked which zone you would like. We will keep the final 3 tee times unreserved for any player who wishes to chance and ‘roll up’, NB: though chancing roll up we cannot guarantee availability or indeed enough spacing (if too many players turn up) or a game (if no one else turns up).

Each date will involve competing teams and individuals, playing as per terms of competition.


Per say, there will be no formal presentation of daily results, but they will be uploaded to IG shortly after the fixture. The league itself will be updated after both fixtures on the week have been played and a formal presentation will take place on finals day.

 Team Element- 
  • Daily - The best 2 scores from each team (of up to 5 nominated players at the start of the season) will count as the team score. In the event of a tie on any given day, the best combined back 9 scores will be taken into account.  Points will be given to the teams for the winter league dependant on day results. A total of 15 points will be available on each played, with 6 points going to the winners, 4 to the second, 3 to third, 2 to fourth.

  • League Wide - On Finals Day, prizes will be awarded to the top 4 teams in the league, dependant to entry levels/ restrictive factors faced across season. They will be awarded for the team who gain most points across the season.

Individual Element-

On the day there will be prizes for (but not limited to);

  • Best Overall Stableford Score 
  • Best Higher Division Winner / Best Lower Division Winner – this will be an equal split depending on the day entrants)
  • Best Front 9 Stableford Score
  • Best Back 9 Stableford Score
  • 2’s

We will run a league wide stableford and medal individual eclectic for best individual across the league fixtures.


All competitors will play off their WHS Club handicap, if however, they do not have an official handicap they are still very welcome to play but the highest handicap available for Men will be 18 and Women 24.  Unless adverse weather or any other factor prevents, the Winter League will be a Handicap Qualifier.

Finals Day

To be eligible to play on Finals day, a team must have played a minimum of 3 times during the duration of the League. 

The format for Finals Day will be exactly as normal only that a total of 30 points will be available, with 12 points going to winner, 8 to second, 6 to third and 4 to fourth. 3 scores will count on Finals Day in the event of a tie; count back will apply to a combination of all the cards for the back 9, last 6 or last 3 holes.

Registration and Sign Up

Team Registration forms and sign up will be taken from early October 2023, with team registration requested by Monday 6th November. Please sign up in The Point Golf Office.

Individual players whether in a team or not, may play on any fixture day, as long as that they have pre-registered for the fixture date (see Fixtures and Entry information above).

For further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to contact James in The Golf Office on 01208 864601 or

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